For new memberships, click on the link below.  You can pay by credit card and direct 100% of your initial donation to Waccamaw Audubon Society.  Membership entitles you to receive four quarterly issues of AUDUBON Magazine and the local chapter provides you its web site which lists meetings and other activities. Its supposed to be automatic, but be sure the form shows Waccamaw Audubon Society's Chapter code, U55  next to "Chapter Code" near the top of the form.

We encourage members to join online -- you'll get benefits more quickly, and save paper and other resources.

However, we understand that some people prefer to use paper checks. If you wish to pay by check, please mail your check, made out to National Audubon Society to  WACCAMAW AUDUBON SOCIETY, P. O. Box 51591, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.   For renewals, please use the form mailed to you by National Audubon.  If you put our chapter code on your check, it helps us and our chapter code is U55.


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